Eight Walks On
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Eight Walks on Rathlin Island is a unique, photo illustrated guide.

It contains pull out laminated booklets for each of the different walks, encased in a protective folder.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this guide please email the author, Nicky Sebastian, via the details below:


Price £5.99 plus postage

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Rathlin’s new guide is more than just giving directions on a route. It is a dip into the myth and magic of the only inhabited island off the North Coast of Northern Ireland!

The booklets bring you back to the people who lived, loved and laboured on the island of Rathlin. The wit and wisdom of Rathlin’s oldest Island-born resident, Loughie McQuilkin, is well captured by Nicky Sebastian in her style of writing. Nicky and Loughie bring us into the card school of Alex McMullin and we can just imagine his fury when he discovered the buttons cut off his waistcoat. In our minds eye we can see James Henry McMullin planting the Water Lilies at Craigmacagan on the cast of a stone. Our thoughts flow across the Atlantic when we read about the Great Famine exodus and a little further on we shiver inside when we pass Douge (read the booklets!)

It gives a rich insight into the island’s social history, and the fun and the frolics of parties and festivities. It shares the darker moments – the tragedy that named ‘McDonnell’s Race’, the ship wrecks, the accidents. It links the past with the present through family connections.

The walks of Rathlin have no ‘sell by date’ so they can be enjoyed time and time again and will preserve the Rathlin Reminiscences for future generations!

Copyright Nicky Sebastian 2015